HCEI Fundraiser at Native Grill & Wings in P.V. – October 14, 2017

HCEINews and Updates

Native Grill and Wings

The new Native Grill & Wings is holding a grand opening dinner benefiting High Country Early Intervention, Inc.   A formal invitation is not necessary, but will get you priority seating. Please contact Anna (direct or here) for invitations.  This is a casual event.  This event IS open to the general public (invitation not required). Date: Saturday, October 14 Time: 6:30 … Read More

Available Positions at High Country Early Intervention

HCEINews and Updates

Needed Full-Time and/or Part-Time: Physical Therapist for Prescott/Cottonwood Occupational Therapist for AZeip 0-3 for Prescott DSI -Developmental Special Instructor for Payson area DSI -Developmental Special Instructor for Prescott area SC -Service Coordinator for Payson area SC -Service Coordinator for Prescott area. Occupational Therapist Info Needed Full-Time and/or Part-Time: Occupational Therapists to work with High Country Early Intervention, Inc.’s (HCEI, Inc.) … Read More

Summer Sounds Club 2015

HCEINews and Updates

HCEI Summer Sounds Club

This is a sound and articulation class for children age 5-8 years. The class will meet for 2 weeks beginning July 13, 2015 through July 24, 2015. Class will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:00am-11:30am. Assessments to gather baselines will be scheduled prior to the beginning of the class. Goals and objectives will be prepared for each … Read More

Tips for parents from OT

HCEITips for Parents

The following is a list of suggestions to facilitate your child’s development. Remember, play is the way children learn almost everything., including language, social skills, motor skills. They repeat the activities they see their family doing. They learn about the physical properties of all their toys including size, weight, texture, visual perception, and how things fit together. They develop all … Read More

Tips on Feeding your Child

HCEITips for Parents

As soon as your baby is able to feed himself finger foods, let him be in control of putting all of these foods into his mouth himself. Parents supply small pieces of soft food that are easy to chew. Let the baby explore the food at his own pace. Let your baby get messy when learning to use a spoon. … Read More