Tips to Help Determine if Your Child Needs Help

Do you have questions related to your child’s development in the following areas?

  • Motor
  • Thinking/Problem solving
  • Language/Communication
  • Social or emotional
  • Self help/adaptive

Child Development ServicesIf so, take a few minutes to read through the Developmental Checklist below. If you have any questions regarding your child’s development, please contact HCEI at 928-776-9285.

  • Month 1:
    • Does s/he look at your face while you’re in direct line of vision?
  • Month 2:
    • Does s/he smile and coo?
  • Month 3:
    • Does s/he follow a moving object with eyes?
    • Does s/he hold head up while lying on tummy?
  • Month 4:
    • Will s/he hold a rattle?
    • Does s/he laugh aloud?
  • Month 5:
    • Can s/he reach for and hold objects?
    • Does s/he smile at mirror images?
  • Month 6:
    • Does s/he babble and make sounds?
    • Does s/he turn toward sounds?
    • Will s/he sit up with little support?
    • Does s/he sleep all night?
    • Can s/he roll over?
  • Month 7:
    • Can s/he transfer an object from one hand to another?
    • Can s/he sit momentarily without support?
    • Does s/he imitate speech sounds?
  • Month 8:
    • Can s/he sit independently for about 5 minutes?
    • Can s/he grasp objects with thumb and two fingers?
    • Does s/he grasp for a toy that is out of reach?
  • Month 9:
    • Can s/he say “mama”, “dada” or other two syllable combinations?
    • Does s/he respond to “no” most of the time?
    • Does s/he stop when name is called?
    • Does s/he look for toys after they fall from the high chair?
  • Month 10:
    • Can s/he pull himself up at the side of a chair or couch?
    • Can s/he pick up a cheerio with each hand using index finger and thumb?
    • Does s/he enjoy food with lumps in it?
  • Month 11:
    • Can s/he crawl on hands & knees from place-to-place?
  • Month 12:
    • Can s/he wave “bye-bye”?
    • Can s/he walk with one hand held?
    • Can s/he use two meaningful words?
    • Can s/he help with dressing by extending arms and legs?
    • Can s/he feed self a cracker?
  • Month 15:
    • Can s/he walk on own?
    • Can s/he tell you what s/he wants by pointing and grunting?
    • Can s/he identify one body part?
    • Does s/he shake head “no”?
  • Month 18:
    • Can s/he build a tower of three blocks?
    • Does s/he say 8-15 words?
    • Does s/he ask “what’s that?”
    • Can s/he make spontaneous scribbles when given pencil and paper?
    • Can s/he manipulate a toy with both hands together?
  • Month 21:
    • Does s/he point to pictures when named?
    • Does s/he understand “come here”, “sit down”, or other simple commands.
    • Does s/he put on or take off some clothes?
  • Month 24:
    • Can s/he walk up and down stairs holding rail or wall?
    • Does s/he use 2 word utterances?
    • Can s/he run? Does s/he understand “one”, “big”, “little”?
    • Does s/he refer to self by name?
    • Can s/he refer to self by name?
    • Can s/he identify 3 body parts?
  • Month 30:
    • Can s/he jump lifting both feet of the ground?
    • Does s/he use pronouns (I, me, mine) to refer to self?
    • Can s/he build a tower of six blocks?
    • Can s/he answer simple questions, name one color?

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