Little Learners Program

This program promotes physical, social, and emotional development support among children with special needs who do not qualify for early intervention services or preschool special education services.

The Little Learners Program provides targeted support for the parents and/or caregivers of special needs children.

The expected result is that families will have access to knowledge and support needed to address developmental concerns they may have had for their child.

Services are delivered through home visits and developmental playgroups.

Supported by First Things First
Support for Family Support for Children with Special Needs is provided by a grant from First Things First, which partners with families and communities to give all Arizona children the opportunity to arrive at kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed.

Specifically Designed for Children Needing Just a Little Bit of Help

The Little Learners Program includes:

  • In-home visits
  • Childcare setting visits
  • Developmental play groups
  • Parent education and collaboration
  • Consultation by therapists
  • No charge to parents
  • No income qualification

If parents or caregivers are not sure if a child may qualify, we will be happy to perform a free assessment.  Services are limited to Yavapai County families.

If you are interested, or just wondering if your child qualifies, please contact us.

Developmental Play Groups

As part of the Little Learners Program, HCEI offers play groups for children.

  • For children with or without delays
  • Emphasizes parent collaboration
  • Open to all children
  • No cost to parents / caregivers
  • Contact us for schedule and details

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