High Country Early Intervention Inc. dba Karen A. Fay (HCEI/Karen Fay) has proudly served children and families in Yavapai County since 1996. We are pleased to announce that HCEI/Karen Fay has expanded and are now one nonprofit agency. HCEI/Karen Fay continues to offer early intervention services (birth to three) and now offers speech and language, physical, and occupational therapy services for individuals’ infant through adult.

Our early intervention staff is a dedicated professional team that collaborates with families who have a child (birth to three years), who experience developmental delays. Based upon the family’s specific concerns, priorities, resources, and needs a service plan is created for each child and family. Support and strategies are individualized upon family routines and desired outcomes.

The early intervention team is comprised of a Service Coordinator, Developmental Specialist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist, and family. Each child and family has access to every member of their team. A service coordinator and team lead are designated for each child and family. The two become the primary contacts and work closely with other members of the team and family. Coaching between team members takes place to ensure that all needs of the child are met. When necessary members of the team will accompany the team lead to work with the team lead and family through what is called a “joint visit”.

For individuals age 3 through adult HCEI/Karen Fay offers evaluations and ongoing services that include speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Each qualified therapist strives to assist their clients in reaching their highest potential.

High Country Early Intervention Inc., dba Karen A. Fay provides both early intervention and therapy services to the communities of Yavapai County (including all of the Verde Valley) and Northern Gila County. We accept private pay and work with most insurance companies.

Thank you,

Board of Directors